925 Karat Silver Turquoise Stone Wind Rose Necklace

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Stone Type: zircon

Width: 1.8 cm

Height: 1.8 cm

Weight: 2.30 ± gr

Plating: Golden

Chain length: 45 cm (included)

Preparation time: 1-2 days

Zircon is one of the valuable stones used for long time. Its color is brown but whith heating it becomes colorless. It is prefered and used widely in jewelry. Some of its benefits are strenthing the mind, facilitating sleep and providing emotional balance.

Turquoise: Stone of loyalty, friendship and communication. It is also a very important stone for the health of the bones. It decreases the cough, improves the mind and the logic. This stone, which calms the anxiety, is good for blood pressure and heart diseases. It can also be used as a belt buckle, wristband or ring for digestive problems. It can also be used as jewelry every day. Especially when buried in silver, its effect increases. It gives people the feeling of peace that is needed for those who are sad or who are experiencing the shock of an event.

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