Return and Refund



When the Buyer receives a product that was bought and paid for on our website, and he/she finds it is not as described, he/she can contact the seller to resolve this problem (according to the seller's set of returns guarantees). He/she will then be able to request a full refund and return the item, or keep the item and agree a partial refund with seller. In general, the Buyer may refund the goods/services within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods/services to him/her using his right of withdrawal without any justification. The Buyer shall send the usage of withdrawal right notice to the seller through the Website. The seller is obliged to return the goods/service charge within 14 (fourteen) days from the receiving of the buyer's cancellation declaration. The Buyer shall return the goods to the Seller within 10 (ten) days from the date of use of the withdrawal right. The receipt and if existed related return part, together with the goods must be filled in and returned by the Buyer. In the event that there are justifiable reasons making the goods non-refundable, the Seller may supply the Buyer with goods and services of equal quality and price, without expiration of the fulfillment period. If the seller believes that the fulfillment of the goods/service is impossible, he/she shall notify the Buyer within 3 (three) days from the date of the learning. In this case, the Seller shall return the paid price and documents to the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) days.


According to Regulation on Distance Contracts article 15/1, The parties agree that the right to withdraw cannot be used in the following cases:

1- Goods or services whose price varies depending on fluctuations in financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller or supplier,

2- Goods prepared in line with the wishes or personal needs of consumers,

3- Items that can be quickly disrupted or whose expiration date may pass,

4- Those that are unsuitable for health and hygiene, from the goods whose protective elements such as cover, tape, seal, package, etc. are opened after the delivery,

5- Commodities which are mixed with other products after delivery and which can not be separated due to its nature,

6. Books, digital content and computer consumables, whose protective elements such as covers, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery,

7- Except for those provided within the subscription agreement, periodicals such as newspapers and magazines,

8- Accommodation, goods transport, car rental, catering, and services related to the evaluation of leisure time for entertainment or recreation, which should be done on a specific date or period,

9- Instant services in electronic environment or intangible goods delivered at consumer immediately,

10- The services that started with the approval of the consumer before the end of the right of withdrawal.


Receiver's complaints and objections: In the event of complaints about the order and / or the product and/or any matter related to the ordered product, the complaint may be forwarded to the SELLER via the contact information stated above or the contact information stated on the www. website. The buyer's complaint will be immediately taken into account, evaluated by the authorized units and tried to be solved and returned to the buyer as soon as possible.